Geospatial Intelligence – a critical foundation for many aspects of defense and internal security, offers the capability of monitoring, predicting and countering threats, while helping strategize and support various field operations. It facilitates multi-source information sharing and integration across agencies and organizations by providing a common framework on which other information is based.

The use of big data, advanced geospatial analytics software and sophisticated imaging technologies from (very) high-resolution remote sensing satellites, UAVs and other sensors, enables seamless flow of information in pre-, real-time and post-combat operations.


Geospatial: A Force Multiplier for Defense and Internal Security

Geospatial intelligence has been an indispensable tool for defense agencies and is imperative for the future as it provides detailed knowledge of the areas of conflict to improve their process for assessment, response, and decision-making. It is an answer to ‘when, where, and how often?’ in a visual form. An effective data integration and policy management can enable efficient and effective solutions for security and defense and act as a force multiplier.


To discuss how technology will advance and transform future defense and public safety capability and method
Build a common understanding of the need for Geospatial technology
To arrive at some preliminary conclusions about the capabilities to pursue

Program Agenda


Enhanced Situational Awareness For Modern Warfare
Geospatial Strategy For National Security

Technical Themes

Remote Sensing for acquisition of geospatial information
Border Surveillance
Satellite-based navigation systems
Internal Security
Emergency response systems
GIS for defence logistics
Cyber warfare
Maritime & Coastal Security
Artificial Intelligence
Big data
Cloud-based geospatial applications
Sensors & sensor web
Data analytics
Command & Control
Action against terrorism
Network centric warfare
Target acquisition

Target Audience

  • Border Controls
  • Civil Defense Deparment
  • Consultants
  • Customs Officials
  • Defense Forces - Army, Navy, Air Force
  • Defense System Integrators
  • Disaster Management Authorities
  • Fire Services
  • Geospatial Technology Providers
  • Police Force


GeoIntelligence Asia 2018 will provide a platform to showcase the innovative applications of the Geospatial technologies. The Geospatial Industry has been continuously researching and developing the advancements in the field of technology, integrating with engineering and information & communication technologies to suffice the demand of hardware, software & solutions by security agencies.

It will provide an ideal opportunity for showcasing the latest & updated technology to the new & existing users.

Exhibition Rate Indian (in INR) Overseas (in USD)
Per Sq Mtr 16500 500
*Additional 18% GST extra.

For more details please contact:
Prashant Joshi

Registration Fee

Category Indian Delegates (in INR) Overseas Delegates(in USD)
Government/Academia 8000 500
Private 15000 500
(Inclusive of 18% GST)

Registration Fees includes entry to all sessions, exhibition and social events for the conference days.


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